Industrial Radiographic Cell Concrete Construction, Poole

Radiographic Cell Concrete Construction

Project : Industrial Unit Heatric, Pool
Length : 11 months

The project comprised a new industrial unit, housing a radiographic cell, for Heatric, who manufacture stainless steel heat exchange units for the oil and gas industry.

The building is steel framed with insulated cladding and roof panels, housing fabrication bays in the main floor area. Overhead gantry cranes were installed for the Client’s fabrication. The building also houses workshops, office and meeting facilities.

The building was constructed around a radiographic cell, which is one of only 5 in the country. The radiographic cell comprises two concrete rooms that house industrial xray machines used to check the quality of the heat exchange units. The cell is housed within 1m thick continuous poured concrete walls and roof, overhead gantry cranes and heavy metal/concrete composite doors.

Construction of the building frame around the cell was extremely restrictive due to the cuing period. A crane was required to be resident within the footprint of the building with a portion of the roof missing to enable the steelwork to be installed over the cell.
A bespoke scaffold design was required for the construction of the cell. Ground levels were re-designed to enable forklift movements around the new building.

The concrete slabs were of extreme density to cope with the weight of the machinery used for fabrication and testing.

Externally the scheme required re-design for a plant compound, with a wall being constructed in sections, to allow the Client to remove at a later date if required to access/remove the plant.

The project was carried out on a live site. The unit was handed over sectionally, to enable the Client\’s specialist fit out contractors access.