Woodmace Concrete Structures has a large skill base, ranging from the small groundworks formwork and concrete requirements, to large multi storey concrete frames to bespoke architectural housing. We have also successfully completed a number of concrete bunker constructions for the large fabrication engineering works to enable in house non-destructive testing and sequential bunkers for R&D purposes in the MRI scanner industry.

Based on our experience in the bespoke area of concrete structures, we have also been tasked with consulting roles to clients in the design and construction stages for large pour methodology and the problems associated with high core temperatures in comparison to cooling face temperatures and the problems associated with thermal shocking of curing concrete. We have carried out test panel studies at our head office testing area and accumulated vast amounts of data associated with thermal mass and internal strain gauge monitoring.

Woodmace Concrete Structures - Architectural

As we are part of the Woodmace Group of companies, we are able to offer the single package, piling, groundworks and concrete superstructure option. With the majority of sites being of limited space, the benefits of having a piling, groundworks and superstructure specialist as a single subcontractor are self evident. The interface between the two trades is controlled under one roof, providing ‘in house’ expertise to construct both sub and superstructure packages. This in turn gives our clients the benefits of programme, space, storage, crane hook times and cost benefits that can be passed back to the client.

Specific Examples of the types of RC work we have undertaken include;

  • Multi Storey concrete frame packages
  • Waterproof and aqueous retaining structures
  • Insitu and precast stair units
  • Capping beams and deep basement construction
  • Single sided retaining walls
  • Radiographic non-destructive testing cells
  • MRI scanner shielded bunkers
  • Ammunition and explosive ‘blast bunkers’
  • High end bespoke concrete finishes for ‘one off’ houses

Frames & Structures

Concrete Frames and Structures

Small domestic frames to commercial large multi-storey frames for developers.


Linac Bunkers & NDT Cells

Linac Bunkers and NDT Cells

Radiation and magnetic shielding structures for R&D and MRI scanners.


Architectural Finish

Concrete Architectural Finish

High specification concrete finishes to commercial and domestic properties.




Planning, methodology and supervising of large concrete pours and thermal control.