Concrete as an Architectural Finish

High specification concrete finishes to commercial and domestic properties.

The use of concrete as an architectural finish is becoming more widely used in today’s architecture. We have successfully delivered very high spec finishes to commercial and domestic properties earning commendations from the Concrete Society.

We have also been working at Chivelstone House in Devon, designed by Peter Zumthor, recipient of the RIBA gold medal for Architecture in 2013. This project is in stark contrast to anything else he has ever done and employs the use of on-site hand-rammed concrete to the walls and clean crisp white concrete roofs, with pin sharp edges and details. This is a long awaited structure from Peter Zumthor’s practice that will attract international acclaim and comment from the Architectural world. Because of our experience and expertise, Woodmace have been working with Peter Zumthor’s practice over the last 2 years developing the precise mix and process to achieve the required finish. It’s a project that we are exceedingly proud to be a part of.