Planning, methodology, and supervising of large concrete pours and thermal control.

Consulting for Large Pour Methodology and Thermal Control

Here at Woodmace Concrete Structures Ltd, we are able to provide a consultancy service for planning or supervising large concrete pours, providing planning and methodology support throughout such a critical point of any large project. This includes advising on pre-planning of the pouring operation and assisting with securing supply and liaising with suppliers to ensure a smooth delivery and pouring. We can also provide appropriate on-site support both before and during the pouring operation.

One of the issues associated with large concrete pours in deep section walls and slabs is the problem of high heat gain and temperature difference within the core as compared to the face of the formwork. High differentials between the two areas of the pour can result in the water within the mix being forced to the face and result in subsequent cracking.

This risk is a particular problem when producing Linac bunkers for radiotherapy operations or for non-destructive testing cells for the material testing facilities. Here at Woodmace Concrete Structures we are able to provide and manage thermal monitoring systems in-house, including offering consultancy support on the methods for controlling and minimising the differential temperatures.

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