Linac Bunkers & NDT Cells

Radiation and magnetic shielding structures for R&D and MRI scanners.

Over the past 5 years we have expanded into the Linac and NDT (non-destructive testing) areas of concrete structures. These types of structure are unique because they have very specific functional purposes and requirements. Both are there to facilitate an internal service out whilst providing radiation shielding as a physical barrier to the external environment. In some cases, the structure also provides shielding against external magnetic fields for the R&D sectors for MRI scanners.

Pre-construction planning for each structure is therefore paramount from inception to completion, with extremely tight and rigorous QA for planning, formwork design and pouring of up to 1000m3 in a single pour. The potential danger with this type of structure is the heat gain associated with concrete that can occur in deep sections in both walls and slabs. This requires effective thermal control measures and methods to monitor and in some cases control temperatures throughout the curing and cooling processes. If managed incorrectly, it can result in the concrete cracking, thereby rendering the finished structure obsolete as a radiation barrier. Please refer to our section on the services we provide to consult on large concrete pours, the problems associated with thermal control and our management control processes.

Here at Woodmace Concrete Structures, we have completed a number of this type of project for both NDT and MRI scanner structures, including the NDT cell for Heatric Meggitt that resulted in Woodmace becoming the proud recipient of the prestigious 2013 Concrete Society Award for Civil Engineering.